Google Template and Theme Design

What Customization’s can be made to a Google Site

Google Sites are fantastic, making it easy for someone with limited web experience to build and manage their own web page. Although the back-end is very simple for the user, making a Google Site look like a classy webpage you may see around the web is not so easy. Google Sites are coded in such a way that it is not as easy to make modifications other that what they offer in their dropdown menus.

But we are no average design team, with a team of Google Apps script writers we have been able to modify existing Google Templates to make some beautiful designs. Please take a look at some of our pre built templates that you can purchase. We will also be happy to install and insert your logo for a small additional fee.

If you are looking for a fully customized Google Theme then look no furthermore. weather you are looking to replicate your current theme or build a flash new theme from scratch. Contact us to discuss what ideas you have in mind and we will make your webdesign dreams  come true.